Kimberley & Torres Strait Cruising For Adventurers!
Ahoy Buccaneers! - Kimberley cruising for adventurers!Ahoy Buccaneers! - Kimberley cruising for adventurers!


We had a great time and loved it all. Just a couple of suggestions to put the cream on the cake:
a) We know the tides have a big bearing on what activities can take place. However, other than the brief white board notes, we felt a little in the dark as to what to expect before we ventured forth on an expedition. A quick daily briefing would be good b) We were in cabin 1. The reading lamp for the main bunk doesn't work and a few more hooks on the wall to hang clothing would be helpful. c) Despite the fact that the food was very good and Kim did a great job, we felt the cooks would enjoy a really hot wok burner for the odd stir fry to compliment the BBQ plate and standard cooking options down stairs. d) Finally, no one thought to bring music, so we had a very quite cruise. It would be good to have some music onboard.
Thanks for allowing us to tick this holiday off our bucket list in such fine style. We loved the casual informality and willing assistance of the crew. We'll certainly be recommending Ahoy to all our friends.

Dick & Sandy G


My brother Noel, his wife Jo. together with my wife Nola and I had two glorious weeks on the Oceanic from Broome to Wyndham.Noel and I are the sons of Elgar and Joy Smith and we were the last white family to occupy and manage Munja Station located on the Calder River at the end of Walcott Inlet;there was no road access to the station and ours was a government sponsored cattle station for wild and tribal aboriginals.

Whilst we boys had long since left the Kimberley, we did return on a 4 wheel safari some 15 years ago; our mother told us stories about the Prince Regent area and our Dad described the great cattle drives from Munja to Wyndham. Ahoy Buccaneers made if possible to realize both Mum and Dad’s Kimberley stories-Elgar Smith always described the Kimberley as ‘God’s own Country’:he know the Laceys, Duracks, Drysdales Archies and many other Kimberley legends. The Competency and adventure of the people on the Oceanic made our Kimberley Coast experience something really special.....for some one who had been around the world a number of times....this fortnight was one of our best holidays ever.

Laurie & Nola OAM JP


Wow! How amazing to be able to travel through some of the remote magnificent Kimberley coast. We thoroughly enjoyed our adventure even though it began with a few issues..or what were rather challenges for you both in particular! How fortunate that cyclones left us in peace - can't believe our travels were indeed book-ended by cyclones we avoided! Hope the current buccaneers are weathering all well...!

It was particularly special for us to be discovering all at a time when we all but had everywhere to ourselves!

Len has two suggestions...we were more than happy to help in the galley with washing up etc but thought that perhaps a roster would mean everyone took a share unless for some reason they were unable to do so.

His other suggestion was that there could be some rotation of the passengers who travel in the on-shore tenders as one is definitely more comfortable.

We recommended it to our friends who actually put us on to your website and they have now managed to get a booking with you - excited for them.

Excellent crew - fun, enthusiastic and Robbie especially excellent in sharing all his knowledge of the Kimberley with us.

Ethne & Len


We had a wonderful week, we absolutely loved the cruise!!!! Particularly appreciated crew being passionate locals and Skipper Grant’s careful itinerary planning for each day. Awesome fun! Thanks to all!

Teera P


Hi, captain Grant and his crew of Scott, Rob and Chef Matt were excellent. Nothing was a problem.
The hours they put in to maximise our experiences of the Kimberley Coast were above expectations. It's taken a week to recover from the variety of food and the quality achieved by Matt in his limited galley. We'll be recommending to others

Glen and Deborah B


I loved the charghacter-filled ship and the skilled, diversified crew showing us the fabulous Kimberley coast.

Colleen T


Richard says 4.5 out of 5 Food was wonderful. We had a great time throughly enjoyed the trip would like to go again.

Richard G


I can’t recommend this experience highly enough for anyone wanting to see the sights of one of the world’s last frontiers, at a price that anyone can afford!

Most of the tours that visit this remote and beautiful part of Australia cost around the $10,000 mark and provide a sanitised ‘armchair’ experience. Ahoy Buccaneers offers ordinary people the opportunity to cruise the Buccaneer and Bonaparte Archipelagos in the company and care of an experienced and competent, local Aussie skipper and crew.

The scenery is breathtaking, the water deep aqua, the cruising laidback, the sunsets unbelievable (think Greek Islands, without any people!) the fishing unparalleled and the food fresh, plentiful and delicious. Add this to the fact that no one can phone, text or email you for most of your trip and you have a recipe for blissful relaxation.

My only advice would be that if you’re looking to be waited on hand and foot and served martinis on the sundeck, then stick with the big international operators and pay the big $$$.

If, on the other hand, you’re relaxed, open minded, have a sense of humour and are prepared to roll up your sleeves and assist with small duties (e.g. some shared dishwashing) in the company of likeminded people, then you’ll have the holiday of your life!

Andy S


Impressively affordable cruise I enjoyed Swag level I was comfortable, activities excellent and efficiently provided enjoyable.
Skipper Paul excellent and aware of my abilities so I enjoyed everything without mishaps. Balla and Josh excellent seamanship informative helpful. Adriane very helpful Housekeeping excellent always cleaning. A lot of fun I will return for a longer cruise

Gwen S


The number of guest were not too many to enjoy each others company. The mix of guests on this cruise worked out to be great as we they were all engaging and we all got on. The crew were exceptional. Nothing was a problem and they attended to our every little detail. Food was fantastic

Brian Q


We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise. The staff were outstanding and Skipper Grant made this an exceptional experience. We boarded the boat with open minds and no specific expectations and were rewarded with brilliant scenery, fabulous food, inciteful and knowledgeable crew and daily exclusions which were jaw dropping......especially Montgomery Reef! The cruise was also a lot of fun enhanced by 22 other friendly like minded passengers. We have already recommended this trip to many people. Value for money it was outstanding!

Kevin & Louise


Thanks for a fantatic trip, it was magical.
The breakdown was just a minor mishap and handled in a very professional way.
Did enjoy the extra helicopter flightback, some amazing scenery, which otherwise we would not have seen.
All the best

Wally & Sarina


We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise. The staff were outstanding and Skipper Grant made this an exceptional experience. We boarded the boat with open minds and no specific expectations and were rewarded with brilliant scenery, fabulous food, inciteful and knowledgeable crew and daily exclusions which were jaw dropping......especially Montgomery Reef! The cruise was also a lot of fun enhanced by 22 other friendly likeminded passengers. We have already recommended this trip to many people. Value for money it was outstanding!

Kevin D


Thank you for a wonderful trip. The staff looked after us so well. The care they took in getting us off and on the boat to a special place to visit was so safe, no effort was spared. The food was great and the variety left us very happy Adrienne was very friendly and very efficient at her work. I felt having a female staff member really great I would very comfortably recommend this trip to anyone (and already have).

Valerie O


We both thought the cruise was fantastic and would love to do it again.We had a fantastic crew who went out of their way to make sure everyone was having a great time.Great food prepared by Matt and lots of surprise treats.He did a wonderful job.Skipper Grant made sure everything went smoothly.We loved his stories and the memories he has provided us with.We could,and have,recommend this to anyone who wants an exciting and value for money experience.

Bill & Mary W


Thanks for a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Totally different from any cruise we've ever been on and certainly the most affordable. Great Crew, Great Food even great passengers, it was as if you had hand picked the people we were cruising with. Would do it again in an instant, pity you're booked out. Thanks again.

Kim ,Troy & PJ


If you want to have an informative, wonderful time look at this cruise. The temperature is perfect mid-year and I can't say enough about the magnificent scenery of the North West of our great continent. Added to that, - great company with folk who want a relaxing inexpensive trip, are happy to make their own bunk
& join in. We viewed spectacular sunrises and sunsets, beautiful Islands, ate fish thrown on deck about 1 hour earlier. The swags on the beach & deck are unique.
Our Cook was very inventive and we ate extremely well. Congrats to him. Twenty five hungry people can demolish food like garbage disposals.
Shelley, please pass on this message and thanks to the crew on our trip. They added to our enjoyment of the all too few days at sea. I have passed your cards and my thoughts on to local agents as promised. The food in the cafe in town pretty good too.

Heather M


I have just returned from a trip aboard MV Oceanic with Ahoy Buccaneers when myself and 15 friends chartered the whole boat. Can't adequately describe the most spectacular place in the world (to our minds anyway). It is a must do place to explore and doing it by boat is sooooo easy ! Most of our group had done a road trip 7 years prior along the Gibb River Road and we were so taken with the place we'd always had it in our heads to do a boat trip along the coast but the costs were soooo expensive we put it off .... until we saw Ahoy's add in SMH Traveller one weekend a year ago. Within a day and having a chat with Shelley we had chartered the boat for the only departure with no bookings in 2017. What a great spur of the moment decision that was! Skipper Grant, and the crew were fantastic, especially Bryan who cooked up an AMAZING array of meals and treats for us all every day and always with a smile on his face. Matt one of our boatmen was super too, so knowledgeable about the geology, flora and fauna of the Kimberleys and always had a tale to tell as did Grant with his expert knowledge of the indigenous history of the area as well. Adrienne - the quiet achiever on her first voyage with Ahoy - was charged with housekeeping duties and could be seen at any hour of the day scrubbing the cabin common areas to keep it spic and span. As others before have said, this is NOT a 5 star boat - but you get the 5 star Kimberley experience seeing and experiencing everything the Buccaneer Archipelago has to offer. Can't recommend a trip on MV Oceanic highly enough to 'adventurers'!

One more thing - my husband has fairly advanced Alzheimer's but it did not stop him from having a great adventure too. The crew were so nice and patient with him, especially when boarding the dinghy each day for the latest adventure. There was only one land excursion we could not do at Raft Point as his hiking abilities were not up to it, so Matt organised an alternative excursion exploring and fishing in the dinghy instead. So appreciated their care and attention.

Pam J


We had a great time the crew were great to get along with the sightseeing was awesome in many of the places the yacht pulled into, hope to do it again

Garry W


A fantastic experience aboard MV Oceanic. A BIG thankyou to Shelley and Doug for having the foresight to provide the opportunity of cruising the Kimberley Coast at a realistic price. A can't say enough about the crew - they went beyond their duties to help us. A special thanks to Tazzie and Sue for ALL their assistance, guidance and knowledge. Sue did a fabulous job sorting out the Oceanic. Brian's cooking was superb, nothing was too much trouble for him even when the plates went flying and the sauce landed on the floor. Steve did a fabulous job skippering us around the coast to get us to our various locations on the right tide. The cheeky Paul and Robbie were a delightful crew and wish Paul all the best as the new Skipper. A big bonus of this trip was that it allowed us to store our caravan and car on electricity at your depot. A massive BIG THANK YOU for the best holiday

Robyn G


We had a fantastic trip. The destinations and scenery were stunning and the daily activities were great fun. Bala and Robbie's knowledge of the area was fantastic and both guys helped the elderly guests on the excursions. The food was plentiful and delicious prepared by Brian. Paul the skipper was a great guy and kept us all informed on a daily basis. The boat was comfortable to relax and the spa was great for the hours spent at sea. Minor suggestions to improve the experience are:- check toilet paper refills.

A small caravan washing machine to wash tea towels and bath towels, or stock heaps more tea towels and have a change of towels mid trip for each guests as towels got very dirty fast! Zac could have more interaction with the guests and needs to obtain knowledge of the locations for tender trips

Jane S


Thank you for an amazing cruise, very helpful crew, one trip on small boat would have enjoyed if we had informative talk, did not know what we were looking at. One of the crew did not seem to know the area like the others, however he was helpful when I needed help on walks.

Probably not as comfortable for an almost 80 year old, I will have to be more selective on my choice of adventures for him a cold did not help. He caught it from me so I am not very popular.

Will spread the word about Ahoy Buccaneers one will discover places not many will have the opportunity to see.

Many great memories.

Robyn C


Steve and I had the time of our lives and cannot think of a better way to explore the Kimberley coast.
The food was great and the island, creek and beach tours were exceptional.
The crew did their very best to meet everyone's needs and reacted very well to some challenging moments.

Sheree & Steve G


We had a great time, the crew, Brian, Tassie, Robbie, Paul not forgetting our captain Steve were amazing. Fun, very helpful, nothing was too much for them. A special mention for Sue, she was so good I would recommend you keep her on. The cabins were spotless, I know they were not prior to her joining the boat. My friend told me she had to clean her en suite when she was on the trip in April. She was extremely helpful . They all had a great sense of humour .

My one criticism was organisation & informing us about what was about to happen, we only found out some activities from fellow travellers & they were often not sure ! May I suggest a Tunnoy system.

Brian must be congratulated on his wonderful food.

Captain Steve was a Great source of local knowledge and juggled the tides and winds to get us to places in good time. His ability to understand and accept conditions and give us heads up as to when inevitably conditions were going to be lumpy seemed exceptionally good.

Tina C


We absolutely had a ball.. it exceeded my expectations.. the swags were comfortable, the food was beyond excellent, the crew were fantastic.. we saw the most amazing sights.. best experience ever.. fantastic holiday and at a bargin price too.. thanks so much for making this experience affordable.. we will definantly be back with the kids.. thankyou

Bianca R


Loved the whole holiday and the fabulous scenery. Crew were amazing, very helpful and went out of their way to make sure everyone had a good time. Would like to say a special thank you to Sue (kitchen helper) who I believe had volunteered her time. She was a great worker and lovely person.

Only one suggestion to make. It would have been helpful to know perhaps night before or early morning what the itinerary was going to be for the day. I understand that this was weather/tide based but often we didn't know where we were going until in the tender boats. Otherwise all a fantastic experience! Well done. Thank you

Lee H


Thank YOU for supplying a great adventure! We had a ball. So much fun and great things to see and do.
Can't complain about the crew either. Grant was so informative with the excursions (obviously good at his job too).
Paul also a wealth of knowledge and good fun. (and good looking!)

Steve was most helpful and the more concerned with safety. (He would like to be the safety supervisor!).
Matt was a great young chef and MOST of us enjoyed his music!

And what can I say about Balla! What a delight to wake up every day to such a positive, happy young guy. Nothing was a problem. So glad I was with him when he caught his first barra ever! a top bloke.

Anyway, if I have any suggestion it would be concerning the kitchen.

A lot of people our age are so impatient and they would squash past him, while he's cooking, to wash their dishes. A serious accident will happen one day as he doesn't have much room when moving things from the oven to bench with people nicking in and out. I would suggest a chain or rope be attached to the end of the bench so when he's cooking-no-one is allowed in the kitchen. He could put a big plastic tub at the end of the bench where they could leave this dishes until he's finished. Anyway, thank you ever so much. We loved it. (Except our seasick day). Will be recommending to friends. Cheers, Patsy and Graeme.

Graeme B


Thank you for a wonderful trip.

We were blessed with an excellent crew, a great sense of fun, good fishing, fabulous food and some of the most wonderful scenery in the world.

The value for money is exceptional and I am sure that many people would not be able to experience this beautiful part of the world without your company.

We have many happy memories and in Ryan's words 'Mum thank you for an amazing trip we saw and did some awesome stuff!' I feel that these words perfectly sum up what we all thought.

Margaret L


As you have no doubt already heard we all had a terrific trip. What we had the privilege to see and experience will last our lifetime and to be sure we will continue to sing the praises of your tours. Ron and I have had the good fortune to travel extensively, in Australia and overseas, yet this trip has found a special place in our hearts.

Absolutely no complaints, just praise for a crew that were the best. To find that perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness is rare. We all appreciated their kindness, their experience and expertise and their cheeky humour. They were like family and it was a little sad to say goodbye to them all.

That final day and evening proved our faith in the crew. Grant's calmness and decisiveness steered us out of trouble into calm waters, a better skipper is not to be had. The lads competently dealt with multiple tasks simultaneously, rescuing those tenders, caring for our Max, securing fittings and fixtures and checking on us all throughout, at no time did we feel unsafe, a little wobbly maybe, but never unsafe. In hindsight it was a bit of a hoot, though I am not sure you need to include that evening's experience on other tours.

Bryan sought some feedback from us and we mentioned some possible opportunities for marketing. Am sure you are much better placed than me to think of ideas, but I thought of a few ideas that might be worth exploring. I think the market you are aiming for is quite a niche one. It became very clear to us all with a tiny encounter with one of the bigger operations, that ours was the trip we all wanted to be on. One look at the overpearled, lipsticked gals on the other tour convinced us that despite a tiny shower and doing the washing up we would far prefer ours. And I think that was the view of everyone on the Oceanic.
Again Thanks to all it was terrific.

Cookie and Ron


The cruise was a wonderful experience. The crew were always there to help and we saw and did some memorable things.

Barbara R


My only (slight) criticism, is your website does overplay the fishing crabbing and oysters aspect of the trip. The trip is essentially sightseeing first and the others do take a back seat. If the purpose of the trip was fishing you would be disappointed.

Having said that I would not hesitate to go again and am already preparing for another trip. Food was great, and the crew were friendly and definitely new their stuff.

Peter V


Carol Ann and I wish to say how much we enjoyed the recent cruise (19 to 26 September) in the Buccaneer Archipelago. We had a wonderful time and would not have been able to enjoy all the fantastic sights and experiences without the initiative and courage that you both showed in setting up this venture. We simply would not have considered undertaking such a cruise with the more expensive companies. Tucks was very professional. It was great to have a captain who had a great command of his ship and such wonderful knowledge of tides. We seemed to anchor at all the various spots at just the right tide. The crew were a good team and helped create a great atmosphere on the boat by the way they engaged with us all. They showed good humour in coping with a large number of people with varying demands/expectations. We made a number of good friends and hope to keep in contact in the future.

Richard N


I took my 12 year old son along for the cruise and he had the experience of a lifetime.

The crew bent over backwards to look after him, and the rest of us. He went out on every boating excursion, he landed big tuna and trevalley despite never having fished before (thanks Steve), saw Balla catch turtles in Montgomery Reef and slept out in a swag on a deserted island. He especially loved the boat ride through Horizontal Falls, and the sunrise boat tour of Talbot Bay.

The food was really good throughout (thanks Brian), well prepared and varied throughout the 7 days.

Big shout out to the crew of Steve, Brian, Grant, Alex and especially Balla, whose joie de vivre was infectious! Never a dull moment, no request refused, and they added a sense of fun and adventure to everything we did.

A really memorable experience for me to enjoy with my son.

Peter W


The crew was great, I don't think they could have done anything above what they did. Steve was very knowledgable, Grant had our safety always in mind, Brian was an amazing chef, Bala's indigenous knowledge was a bonus and Alex's laugh was a great accompaniment to the activities.

I liked the information board telling us what was on each day and every day was exciting and new.

The food was good, although there were lots of meat dishes. There was always sufficient quantity. I liked that the food was fresh and healthy. The extra little snacks were lovely and unexpected.

Maybe put vegemite in the pantry for those seasick moments and a few more boxes of muesli and cereal, we ran a bit low at the end.

I think an outdoor shower would alleviate a bit of pressure on the shared bathrooms.

I appreciated that you provided sunscreen and sun hats.

I heard you were doing a refit so this will be addressed, but the lounges in the dining area were a little bit shabby. The sheets and towels were nice and new.

I will be recommending your business to anyone we speak with about the Kimberley. You certainly have made this trip within everyone's reach. Thank you!

Robin E


A very big thank you to Ahoy Buccaneer & the crew of MV Oceanic for a fabulous & affordable 7 days sailing the Buccaneer Archipelago. (3rd Oct)
It was one to truly mark off the bucket list.

The crews knowledge of the Archipelago was professional & outstanding. The selection of excursion sights were explained from both the Aboriginal & European
perspective along with the early history of Broomes pearling industry.

This was all topped off with fabulous food & friendship. A special thank you to Barla for his spontaneous & enthusiastic love of the sea.
Looking forward to our next trip.

Ron W


Thanks for a wonderful trip. I can't fault anything.....a very satisfied buccaneer.

The crew were amazing,as you said Shelley, Bala will be fun....Especially when he is pulling up the anchor and sees a turtle and calls to Grant 'Will I get him?' or in the engine room playing his music.

Bryan's menu was varied and extensive , we all ate extremely well.Grant and Steve kept us all entertained with their knowledge and adventures.,while Alex just was there to assist us at all times and kept bins,bathrooms ,lounges and decks clean throughout the entire trip.
The 3 swaggers I reckon had the best sleeping deals....oh those stars!

Peter and Tricia joined us a few times and Eddie and Pete experienced a beach camp.
I have heard that the vessel is having a makeover so those booked for next year are in for a treat.

Meg C


We had a great time thanks to the staff they couldn't do enough for us to make sure we had a good time thanks again guy's Mat, Steve, Lenard,Rob,and the baby of the team and our favourite Aiden who is mature beyond his years and very patient while we were fishing with our safety his first priority.

Terry B


I loved every bit of my trip! The crew are the most amazing blokes who can't do enough for the passengers. The captain Steve is wonderful and the food was great. Plenty of it!!! Leonard made sure we were well fed!!! Matt, Aiden and Danny were so helpful and caring. I absolutely loved it all!!

Jennifer M


We have just arrived home after travelling from Broome through to Darwin. We were on the 8th Aug boat trip out of Broome and had a terrific time. The value for money is excellent and we were so impressed with the crew. They couldn't do enough for all of us. Food was excellent, and the off boat shore excursions great. We particularly enjoyed Balla's????(not sure of the spelling) input from an indigenous perspective. What an impressive young man. Matt's knowledge was excellent and Brian is a great cook. I must commend Floyd (I think he has left you now). He worked tirelessly to keep the boat clean and the toilets operating. We were very fortunate with the people on the boat - they were a great bunch and we all seemed to get along easily. The number of toilets for the people on the boat is a bit of an issue but because Floyd managed to keep them operating we were all fine

Averil C


Well what magical 7 days. We enjoyed it and the crew were so friendly and helpful in every way. Meals were just outstanding. Steve our skipper was just so good. I would love do it all again one one day. Thank you

Elma R


This was the best holiday we've ever had. Not only were the places we were taken just stunning, the crew were fabulous. They went above and beyond to make sure that everyone was happy and had the best time, possible. We enjoyed every minute and had a lot of fun. It was fabulous value for money.

Graham A


Our cruise just concluded was an amazing experience; Nola and I have travelled extensively all around the world for 40 or more years now and our Kimberley holiday ranks with the very best. Steve, Brian, Bala and Rob. would have to be the best crew any Company could have . Your Company has a wonderful 'mission statement.

Laurie S


To put the value in context an 8 day Kimberly quest trip is $10,700 per person for a double. However Shelley and Doug very generously offer an equivalent more affordable trip at $1800 to swag or $2400 with room/en suite. Again to compare value I had just finished a 9 day Darwin to Broome land based tour which was $1900, which whilst good fell short by comparison as it had one staff, bad food, old swags, no towels, bedding, champagne and Brie etc etc.

Going for a cheaper tour also means that we were with people who didn't expect to be served, didn't complain but pitched in. In essence we lived as more of a community/team where staff were supported by customers doing dishes, chopping etc.

Tour summary
We left at 5.15am though it was more like 630 as the bus had some problems with the door. Three hour bus trip out to south of beagle bay on the bumpiest road ever! No wonder bits rattle off.

The sailing boat I believe is a converted fishing boat and is all white and quite stunning against the sea. We never sailed but would have loved to have experienced it. The skipper Grant knew his stuff which it appears is a rare skill in these tricky waters where levels vary 10 metres and reefs become islands!

We were given a tour of the galley, toilets etc. The rooms as you expect were small and a hilarious challenge for the less agile to get in the top bunk! We were in a double swag so were shown our wooden chest where we could amply store our gear. Drinks were already in our chests, and towels, what a service. First staff job was to put drinks on ice, they know their priorities.

We powered off cutting through the blue sea straits and sounds past sandstone islands with humpback whales with calves jumping left right and centre, heading south for Antarctica.

Days seem a blur to me now but highlights other than just being on the boat with the great staff were; taking the zodiac out on Montgomery reef, walking on the temporarily exposed sand cay, zodiac trips through the mangroves and many other spots searching for crocodiles and fishing, camping on the beach (sadly one night only), speed Boat through horizontal falls, visiting scotties castaway home for a swim etc. I could go on as every day was magical. Thanks to Gerard a musician passenger and eventually Leonard the cook, the nights were magical too with sing-a-long sessions.

The food on board was excellent, no scrimping in this department as everything was top quality (no home brand here) nice cheese and dips, champagne even! It just kept coming which was a bit of a challenge as we didn't really exert ourselves other than a short steep walk to an aboriginal art site. Also Leonard made sure those with dietary requirements were well looked after. Catching fish was a super bonus, big eyed tuna and mackerel etc.

The offer of sleeping in what appeared to be a brand new swag with mossie netting (though mostly no bugs here) with two mattresses and crisp white sheets was luxury indeed. Lying on the deck albeit next to our fellow travellers, we soaked in the night sky and were woken by many stunning sun rises. Some cabin dwellers sought to join us as the lack of personal space was made up by fresh air and stunning views.

Thanks so much to Shelley and Doug and to all the great crew: Grant, Matt, Floyd, Leonard and Aiden. The crew seemed genuinely to want to make this the best experience for everyone on board, whether you were into fishing, nature, relaxing etc they made an effort for all of us.

Elaine B


Fantastic trip , well organised, with exceptional crew. We were fortunate also to have great weather and very happy compatable fellow passengers. Congrats Michelle & Doug for your warmth & hospitality Wishing you al the very best for your future ventures whatever they may be.

Marlene R


We went on the cruise starting on 18th July. Unfortunately as there was a marine service inspection at 9:00 that morning we were very late leaving. This meant we spent the first 2 days motoring up the coast to where we were supposed to start the cruise. These were long days without much to look at but at least we saw lots of whales. The cruise picked up from there and was very enjoyable, relaxed and fun with lots of friendly people. We loved the tender excursions to tiny beaches and up rivers. The horizontal falls was amazing and Tania's music in the evenings was really beautiful. Beach camping was great but would have liked more( only did it twice) we realise that it is hard to plan with the changing tides but would suggest some planning and communication about possible excursions in the evening for the next day. Although it was very casual sometimes seemed a bit unorganised and didn't know what was happening until someone said we were leaving so had to quickly grab essentials and jump onboard tender. Overall a fantastic experience and great value for money.

Les M


Hi Doug, Shelley and Crew of the 18 July 2016 cruise.

Thank you all for the most amazing week on the wonderful Oceanic. You were and incredibly friendly and knowledgeable crew, provided a never ending supply of delicious food, whales, fishing and somehow you even organised fantastic weather and calm waters.

Swagging was the best, campfire storytelling, starry nights and the amazing pink moon and sunrises when sleeping on the deck, so glad we weren't in a cabin.

We have incredible memories and photos that will last more than a lifetime.

Thank you all so much

Michelle K


Hi Shelley and team back home sadly Melbourne's weather not the best. I did wonder what I was getting into the first day but soon found out it was to be a great trip.

Everyone wants to know about the cruise all very interested. I brought a few photos home to show people, even my surgeon on my yearly check up was asking me. I described it as 2 star accommodation 10 star adventure only seemed to make them more interested.

Cabin 6 does need a new handle but you already know about that. I got locked out after shower and only half dressed...that was a sight. Thanks to Leonard and eventually a kitchen knife it opened. A story I can laugh about in the future.

Crew great, ample food and water etc great company fantastic scenery all in all a great time or Marg and I got on well. Thanks again for everything.

Joan J


Thank you from a 75 year old female. This was more than expected and never to be forgotten experience.

The sights and sounds of the Buccaneer Archipelago amazing. Your crew were to be commended, there was never anything they were not available to do to make things happen. Your new crew member Baly will be an ongoing assset to your company going forward, he is delightful. The only suggestion I have is maybe a couple of small beach shades or umbrellas. Once again thank you.

Joy B


The expertise of captain and crew give you a complete window to their love of the Kimberlys. Covering astronomy, geology and archaeology would make this an echo tour except it's soooooo fun.

Barry C


What a fantastic experience, thank you for the opportunity to experience this magnificent area.

Some of the little things just 'put the cream on top' for my overall experience e.g. Decaffeinated coffee pods, free storage of our caravan and car at your depot, with a washing machine provided to wash all our clothes on our return. The willingness of Bryan to cater for all dietary requirements was exemplary. Having a 'toilet stop' mid-way on the bus trip to and from the starting point. The helpfulness of your staff in making sure that all who wanted to were able to access all the activities was much appreciated.

Some of the little things that could do with some work include the dissemination of information. e.g. introducing the staff - it was not until day 3 that I sorted out the three staff members not introduced on day one. Also knowledge of what to expect during various shore based activities so that I could be properly prepared was distinctly lacking. I understand that circumstances often necessitate a change of plan, mostly any changes of plan were not communicated to us.

Well done, your preparation ensures a great experience for all and the overall experience was so good that we have booked for a 13 day cruise next year.

Dorothy A


Just home from our meanderings in the Kimberly.

Absolutely wonderful cruise up that stunning coast in Ahoy, thanks Shelley and Doug. Crew just perfect - Steve and Bryan are exceptional. That young Ayden will make his mark one day as will Floyd. Sorry we didn't get to Montgomery Reef, bu,t as sailors ourselves, understand how plans can change.

Good to see you briefly at Cape Leveque in your postie hat, Doug.

Tell Steve we apologise for pushing him out of the captain's cabin, but it was the best!
Take care and we wish all of you well.

Janet & Barry


Hi guys, thanks for a great week, crew were just great, food was great, the whole trip was just great, I would tell anyone 'if you want 5 star opulence don't bother, but if you want 1000 star experience book yourself a trip with Ahoy Buccaneers

John V


Our cruise was fabulous. The crew were about as knowledgeable as it was possible to be, with regard to geography, geology, pearling and simple fishing tips and very helpful and willing at all times. We were fed well at every meal and in between meals with delicious and healthy meals and lovely biscuits.

Of course we made our own beds, helped the cook set out and clean up after meals, etc. But at every opportunity they took us on special sight-seeing side-trips, or on fishing expeditions which more than made up for our little efforts.

It did take us a few days to find our sea-legs and then a few more to regain our land-legs, which felt funny. But they were there with helping hands whilst transferring from boat to tender and back again every time, so there was never a feeling of insecurity.

We saw many, many whales, special, rare dolphins, turtles of several types and once a sailfish swam alongside to check us out by looking at us. We saw the Horizontal Falls and Montgomery Reef close-up, swam in pristine waters and caught many fish, some of which we ate for dinner.

I had been so looking forward to this trip that, just before we left, I worried that I would be disappointed - but that did not happen. We even made a lot of new friends.



Hi guys, thanks for a great week, crew were just great, food was great, the whole trip was just great, I would tell anyone 'if you want 5 star opulence don't bother, but if you want 1000 star experience book yourself a trip with Ahoy Buccaneers

John V


We had a fantastic time on our recent Buccaneer 7 day Cruise. Really amazing sights of Geology, Nature, Sea and Sky. Great, being flexible, depending on tides and being taken around and about to points of interest on tenders. Catering was fresh, interesting, plentiful and delicious. Great when we caught some fish! Cooked, as fresh as possible. Yum, thanks Bryan. Interesting mix of fellow passengers, all with a sense of enquiry, in regards to this unique and special place. A terrific experience.

Mary D & Andreas L


Really enjoyed the experience. No major criticisms. Surprised and very pleased at the free service at the cafe before and after the voyage. Appreciated the friendliness of the crew. Best wishes for the future we are encouraging more of our family to book a trip.

Peter L


We have no hesitation in rating this cruise 5 star. Even though it was not 5 star in terms of accommodation it definitely was in terms of the unique, special experience. Our fellow guests were all friendly like minded people, ready to have fun and adventure, to pitch in and help if needed and to adapt if a change of schedule was required. The yacht cruised at a speed suitable for us to appreciate the stunning, raw beauty of the Kimberley coastline and islands. If a whale was spotted (and this happened frequently), the crew were very ready to slow the boar down, or alter course a little, for us to enjoy the siting. In fact, the crew were exceptional in many ways.

Their extensive knowledge of the Kimberley region and Aboriginal culture was a real bonus. They were people who loved their work and it showed in their enthusiasm. They became nearly as excited as us when people snagged decent fish!

The cabins were small but there was plenty of room in the large dining section and on deck. The food was plentiful, varied and well prepared with special dietary requests met cheerfully. Often guests took turns cooking the BBQ and washing up dishes. There was always laughter and banter at meal times which were casual and relaxed.

We enjoyed perfect weather for the entire week. The sun shone and the ocean sparkled. Happy hour was a welcome routine each afternoon with a huge esky provided, iced to the max, holding our BYO drinks. We could have done with more wine glasses but that is my our only criticism.

Our week was so wonderful that we have already booked a longer cruise for next year! Can't wait!

Our congratulations go to Shelley and Doug for their commitment to providing, quality, affordable Kimberley cruises for all families.

Pam & Sven


We had a great time on board MV Oceanic. It was extra good having such knowledgable guys as Grant and Steve on board. Matty, Aiden and Lennard were also good value. The whole concept you have set up worked very well, it was a fantastic way to get a real overview of the Kimberley coast. We enjoyed learning about the marine life, geology, history, pearl farming etc etc. The fellow guests were all easy to get on with, but then I think the type of cruise would self-select people who are not looking for luxury but want to experience hands-on small boat cruising.

We will definitely be promoting the cruise to anybody thinking of travelling to the Kimberley region.

Rob & Annis