Kimberley & Torres Strait Cruising For Adventurers!
Ahoy Buccaneers! - Kimberley cruising for adventurers!Ahoy Buccaneers! - Kimberley cruising for adventurers!


Q. Do we get to go swimming and how safe is it?
A. We go swimming most days either at crystal clear beaches with a crew member as spotter or fresh water swimming holes that are well above the reach of crocodiles and sharks.

Q. How safe is it for beach campers with crocodiles?
A. We only camp at beaches that have plenty of space above the high water mark. On some occasions the captain may choose to have the beach campers on deck due to the lack of a suitable beach or may want to get a early start the next day to catch a tide or a special event e.g Montgomery Reef at low tide.

Q. Are there luggage restrictions?
A. We recommend bringing a soft sports like bag due to lack of storage on the boat if you have extra luggage we can store it for you while your on your trip at our cafe.

Q. February , March & April are still in cyclone season, what happens in the event of a cyclone?
A. Depends on the category of the cyclone and its likely track. We may choose to delay departure or if its mid cruise we will find a safe anchorage. In extreme cases we may need to evacuate. We have satellite communications on the vessel so we can be aware of forecast weather conditions .

Q. Sea sickness.
A. For much of your voyage you will be in sheltered waters but we do recommend that you consult your doctor prior to purchasing sea sickness tablets.

Q. Car and caravan storage.
A. You can store your car and caravan at our yard in Broome. We do not have storage in Wyndham or Kununurra. We would recommend if you are storing your car or caravan in our yard that you bring it the night before as we always have an early start the next day.

Q. Solo travellers.
A. We welcome aboard solo travellers in twin share cabins who soon become part of the cruise family. First to book the cabin becomes that same sex cabin. Also swag option is suitable for solo travellers.

Q.When should I arrive or depart Broome/ Kununurra at either end of the trip?
A. At least the night before or the night after as we don’t guarantee same day flights.

Q. Is the water safe to drink?
A. We take bottled water and the desalinated water that we produce on the boat is also suitable to drink.

Q. Should I take out travel insurance?
A. It is highly recommended that you do take out travel insurance to cover the cost of the cruise, flights and accommodation in the event we have to cancel a cruise.

Q. Footwear.
A. Whilst on the boat footwear is optional, however when we go ashore some of the beaches are made up of broken coral so either reef shoes or an old pair of runners. We do some hikes so you may want to bring along some walking shoes or something sturdy.

Q. Can I download and share photos?
A. Yes we encourage guests to load their photos onto a shared google drive so that all guests have access to the good pics

Q. On board games and books.
A. There are a limited number of board games and books on board for your use.

Q. Is there a TV on board?
A, No TV to watch television, however we have a TV to watch photos taken throughout the day at dinner time

Q. Laundry.
A. There is no washing machine on board back to the old fashioned bucket washing if need be, we have washing powder on board.

Q. Food.
A. We have a chef on board all of our journeys, its good wholesome food, normally a couple of feeds of fish that you catch, all dietary requirements can be catered for.

Q. Dive and snorkel.
A. There are way too many dangerous critters in the waters, on our cruises we do no diving or snorkelling.

Q. Smoking.
A.Smoking is allowed in a designated area on the vessel, we just ask that you consider other patrons so as not to detract from their experience.

Q. Fishing.
A. As the word suggests fishing is fishing, no guarantees, but we normally do well enough to have a feed or two each trip, some more so than others.

Q. Email/Phone calls.
A. We have satellite communication but it is not for general use, in an emergency you can call our main number and we will call the boat to get them to return your call.

Q. Children.
A. Ahoy buccaneers welcomes people of all ages with children over the age 4 we would ask that they wear a life jacket whilst on deck and in our tenders and that they are supervised at all times to ensure their safety .

Q. Access to the bridge.
A. Access to the bridge is only limited when the captain is either having a staff meeting, negotiating a tricky straight, berthing or dropping/pulling the anchor, otherwise always open.

Q. Tenders.
A. Normally we tow two to three tenders on each journey and we tailor your trip to suit, at times of sightseeing excursions all tenders are in use and otherwise they are used for fishing excursions.

Q. How fit do I need to be?
A. Most of the time when the seas are calm the back transom platform is the way you hop into the tender. It is on the same level as the tender so you just step onto the tender. If it blows up whilst you are on an excursion, you will need to be able to climb a steel/rigid boarding ladder at the side of the boat, which has 4 steps. All excursions are optional, there are some that you may decide to pass on, crew will advise level of difficulty and maybe you just go exploring instead.

Q. What happens with drinks, are you licensed?
A. No we are not licensed to sell alcohol. We supply coffee, tea and hot chocolate, water, fruit juice and electro light powder, all guests drinks are BYO including alcohol and/or soft drinks.

All alcohol is BYO, when you book you will be forwarded an order form from our local bottle shop, they offer our clients 10% discount which is reflected in the pricing you view. We will have it on board before your departure, alternately you can purchase yourself and drop it our café on Friday at 19 Dampier Terrace Broome between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. We have an ice machine on board, each day you place your drinks in an eski on ice.

Q. What’s not included?
A. Alcohol, soft drinks, fast boat ride and helicopter rides at horizontal falls, any entry fees that may be introduced in the future from traditional owners. Accommodation and flights.

Q. What’s included?
A. Transfers to and from the boat, be it Broome or Wyndham all tea coffee water, food and hydrolytes.

Q. How do I make a reservation?
A. You can book online if you wish or just give us a ring (08) 9193 7650. We are available from 7am to 10pm 7 days a week.